The following are parameters for all Jewish Community Organizations planning fundraising events in Montreal:

  1. Non-CJA fundraising events are not accepted during the CJA campaign corridor of approximately 90 days, which begins with the campaign launch at the end of August and ends with the campaign closing at the end of November. However the period of November 16-30 is open to non-CJA fundraising events (and to CJA) on an approved basis. “Athletic” fundraising events in August are allowed on the weekends.


  2. This rule applies to the agencies of Federation CJA as well. Synagogues, for their fundraising, are exempted from this rule, other than for capital campaigns.


  3. Non-CJA solicitations for capital campaigns are not allowed during the CJA corridor unless CJA has given permission.


  4. No non-CJA direct mail campaigns or phone-a-thons allowed during the corridor. For instance a Rosh Hashanah non-synagogue direct mail campaign should be mailed prior to the CJA Campaign launch in late August.


  5. Federation CJA is restricted in the reverse. Outside the CJA campaign corridor it cannot run fundraising events, phone-a-thons and direct mail campaigns. The exceptions are for the March to Jerusalem, which the FEDERATION has inherited from the Jewish Cultural Association, or when the world Jewry determines that an emergency campaign must be launched.

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